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SAI GON TO NHA TRANG : ( 5 Days and 4 Nights )

Day 1:

Leaving the busy city of Saigon for Lagi, you’ll visit Minh Dam Army Base, and Thuong Chieu Monastery pagoda, before stopping to dip your body in the hot water springs, Binh Chau. Open your mind to learn more about Buddhism when you visit Long Ban old pagoda and the historic vestige Dinh Mountain. We’ll then stay overnight in Lagi. 

Day 2:

Heading to Mui Ne after visitng Thay Thim temple, Takou mountain, a very colorful fishing market, learn more about the Champa history and culture when you visit their old towers. You will be about to throw yourselves in the ocean in Mui Ne after a hot day traveling! 

Day 3:

Leave Mui Ne in the early morning to visit the fishing village, fairy springs, red canyon, and white sand dunes, before we drop by the local families to find out more about the daily life of the farmers who grow dragon fruits. We’d then continue traveling to the Central Highlands and stop in the K’ho ethnic minority village to learn about the culture of their wild life in the edge of the Central Highlands. We would arrive in Bao Loc after visiting Dambri waterfall (90 meters high), and stop here for the night. 

Day 4:

Leaving Bao Loc for Dalat, you’ll visit the green tea farms, the cascade waterfall, Pongour, mushroom farms, silkworm villages and silk processing chains, coffee plantations, vegetable and flower farms. After a beautiful 4th day, you’ll arrive in Dalat around 4 p.m. 

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