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HOI AN TO MUI NE :( 6 Days and 5 Nights)

Day 1:

Leaving Hoi An for Kham Duc,we will visit Marble Mountains,the pottery village.After that,We will go by the Ho Chi Minh Road to enjoy the scenery and to see Katu minority villages,rice paper making.Pineapple Farms. We will arrive in Kham Duc around 5 pm.

Day 2:

Leaving Kham Duc for KonTum,we will visit the local market of Kham Duc, you will continue traveling on the Ho Chi Minh trail to visit the well-known Phoenix Airport, Charlie hill to find out more about the war between the Northern and Southern Governments. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the different cultures of Ch’ru, Bana, Thai tribes, amongst some of the 44 different ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. Reaching Kon Tum, a mountain town on Ho Chi Minh trail, we’ll stop and stay overnight.

Day 3:

Leaving Kon Tum for Buon Ma Thuot,we will visit an old wooden church, the local orphanage, and in particular the Kon Ktu village where you can meet the Ede hill tribes in their Rong house and learn their traditions, cultures, customs and daily life.The third day we will involve traveling on the old Ho Chi Minh trail to learn more about the history of Vietnamese people during the French colony and the Civil War, the daily life of highlanders who live along the roads to learn how they make rice paper, noodles. Then Buon Ma Thuot is the place where you stay over night.

Day 4:

Leaving Buon Ma Thuot for Lak Lake,we will go to enjoy the national park to swim and to take a water massage under the waterfall such as draysap,Gia Long,and Fairy waterfall and Fairy pool in the middle of the jungle.Keep going, we’ll learn about the daily life of locals, riding elephant to explore the area or riding a boat around the lake to have some great shots of the sunrise on the lake, or of the fishermen, perhaps trekking to the top of the Elephant Rock to enjoy a panoramic view of the area. We will arrive in Lak Lake around 4 pm.

Day 5:

Leaving Lak Village for Da Lat City,we will do an Elephant riding around the Lake,to enjoy the nice views of the rural areas,Rice fields,the fishing village,the orange agent areas to learn more about the Civil War of Vietnam before 1975, followed by trekking through the jungle to relax and enjoy the breath-taking nature of the Central Highlands, and visit a chopstick making factory, and the rice agriculture of the M’nong ethnic minority. Elephant waterfall, Silk factory,Dragon Pagoda, flowers, coffee, tea, mushrooms, vegetables.we arrive in Da Lat City around 4 pm.

Day 6:

Leaving Da Lat for Mui Ne,we will visit Meditation center,cable car station,to enjoy Paradise Lake,Datanla water fall, and going through the jungle in enjoying the landscape, dragon-fruit farms and sand-dune.we will arrive in Mui Ne around 4 pm.

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